Come hang out in the studio with me in Richmond Virginia.
The studio is full of gorgeous natural light, lots of areas for photos, a changing room, and a client closet to add some extra flair to your session.



On Location

The world is our backdrop. On location sessions can take place in your home, in nature, or in a rented space (think an Airbnb or hotel room). I travel often, so check and see if I'll be near you! No travel fees if I'll already be in town.


Love Yrself Events

A truly magical experience. A group of women & femmes will gather together to encourage and support each other. Champagne, chocolate, and amazing photos are guaranteed. New friendships are a pretty good possibility. Read more about the Love Yrself events here.


Where are you located?   I am located in Richmond, VA! My studio is downtown in the Manchester District.

How do I book a session?  Use the form on the contact page to reach out, and I'll be in touch soon!

How much does it cost, and what's included? Sessions range in cost from $300-$1800, please reach out so we can decide which package will best work for you!

Love Yrself events are each priced differently depending on the venue and cost of other vendors. They are typically less expensive than an individual session and always include hair & makeup services. Check out the Love Yrself Events menu tab for more info.

Do you have things for me to wear during the session? If you are booking a studio session, then yes, you will have access to the client closet. I always recommend that you bring at least two outfits/items that you already feel fabulous wearing. You are welcome to use anything in the studio collection as well.

How far out should I book? - You should plan to book out about 2+ months in advance. My books fill up very quickly as I also travel to photograph weddings frequently. Winter months are a bit more flexible at the studio.

Do you travel for sessions? - Yes! I already travel quite often to photograph weddings and for partner's career (he's an incredibly talented comic book artist!) Check the travel list and see if I'll be near you anytime soon! If I'm already in town, your session is priced as normal. If I have to travel to you, then there will be a fee depending on travel costs.

Can I book a private party? - Absolutely! If you have a group of folks that would like to do a boudoir event, please reach out! It can be hosted at the studio or at your location of choice. This is a great way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette weekend, or just because you all want to feel fabulous! Please reach out for pricing and details as it will vary per event.

Will you post my images online? - Only if that's okay with you! After you receive your gallery, you will have to option to mark photos as okay for me to share. It can be as many as you'd like, or none at all, totally up to you!

I'm not ready/no one wants to see this/maybe after I lose x amount of pounds? First of all, I hear you. Whenever someone asked to photograph me I had the exact same response. But please, push those thoughts out of your mind, because they simply aren't true. You are absolutely STUNNING and this is an incredible experience and wonderful practice in self-care and learning to love your body. I promise that I will be there every step of the way for you; cheering you on, helping you with outfits, and guiding you through poses and movements during your session. We will laugh, dance around, and probably shed a few tears together. It is such a powerful moment in time, and I wish nothing more than for you to treat yo' self to some good 'ol fashioned self-kindness. I’ve got you.