Photo courtesy of Diana Ascarrunz

The journey to love and appreciate my myself has been a long one. After years of hating my body for no reason other than I didn’t look like the women in the magazines and ads that were constantly telling me what I was “supposed” to look like. Forcing myself to step in front of the camera was a game changer. I now feel so thankful for every dimple, roll, and stretch mark that makes this body mine. I’ve never felt more confident or happy, and getting to be a part of this process for other women just continues to feed that joy.

When I'm not photographing beautiful humans or rad folks in love you can find me: roaming the states in our campervan and checking off a new destination on my travel list, playing D&D and getting real nerdy, or cuddling with all my loves around the fireplace and watching Schitt’s Creek or Parks & Rec for the millionth time.

I would love to show you how everyone else already sees you, and capture how radiant and breathtakingly perfect you are everyday. Head on over to the contact page to reach out and book your session!

Meet Shawnee

Hi I'm Shawnee! I'm a queer feminist photographer with a big heart and a no-fuss kinda attitude.

I believe that every body is beautiful, and I want to show you how absolutely stunning you are every single day. I started the Love Yrself Project with the small hope that I could boost body confidence and self appreciation for just a handful of folks. It has grown into so much more than that, and I'm absolutely humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response from the Love Yrself events and personal sessions.